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A brief Introduction to Kenya

Kenya in East Africa is often considered to be the birthplace of the luxury African safari experience and remains a popular destination. It enjoys warm days and cool nights throughout the year, and most of the rainfall occurs between March and May and then again from late October to December.

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and has become the biggest city between Johannesburg and Cairo. It is affectionately thought of as the world’s safari capital.

Visiting Kenya - Kenya Safari and Beach Holidays

It is relatively easy to explore the different Kenyan landscapes as they are all located relatively near to one another and the domestic infrastructure is excellent, focusing on visitors needs. Travellers may either stay in one place for a prolonged period and explore every facet, or get an overview of the country by visiting a variety of areas. It is possible to traverse through such diverse environments as tropical forests, sandy beaches, arid deserts and majestic mountains, all in the span of a few days.

Among the top attractions to visit on a luxury Kenyan safari are the Masai Mara, the spectacular wildlife in Tsavo West and Amboseli Reserves, the pink flamingo colony on Lake Nakuru, the unspoilt beaches of the Coral Coast of mombasa, Malindi and Lamu Archipelago.

Kenya's Peoples

There are over 40 different ethnic groups throughout the country. Despite the differences in culture between people, they can all be easily identified as pure Kenyan. Kenyan culture is unique in the way it has retained many of its traditions as tradition and culture are not necessarily connected to the past, but are rather an amorphous and evolving part of everyday life.

The official language of Kenya is English but the lingua franca is Swahili. Mpishis (local Swahili chefs) cook delectable African dishes such as irio (mashed peas, potatoes and maize) and nyama choma (roast meat), along with international cuisine. Seafood is plentiful along the coast.

Kenya is home to spectacular landscapes, abundant wildlife and the true safari experience. From the stunning lakes of the Rift Valley and the steep slopes of Mount Kenya, to vast plains of the Masai Mara and the beaches of the Indian Ocean, Kenya's raw beauty will captivate and amaze you. Said to be the ‘cradle of humanity’, Kenya also has a fascinating cultural heritage with diverse tribal traditions and intriguing customs. A holiday in Kenya will be an unforgettable experience.

Wildlife Safari - A safari is the ultimate Kenyan holiday experience. Safari is the Swahili word for journey and a Kenyan wildlife safari really is the journey of a lifetime. Spot Africa’s Big 5, see rare and endangered animals, and experience the raw beauty of the African bush. A wildlife safari allows you to see some of the worlds most incredible animals in their natural environment.

The Great Wildebeest Migration - Kenya's most spectacular annual occasion is organised by an unlikely group - wildebeests. During July and August each year, literally millions of these odd-looking creatures move north from the Serengeti in search of lush pasture in the Mara. See the wild river crossings as they attempt to escape the jaws of the snapping crocodiles and experience the tension as lions lurk in the high grass waiting to pounce.

The Masai Mara - These vast plains are alive with wildlife year round. While the great migration sees the largest concentration of animals in the Mara, it is always home to an abundance of creatures. You might see lions lurking in the grass, leopards resting in the acacias or even the odd bull elephant defending his territory. A favoured activity is to take a hot air balloon flight over the Mara at sunrise, a truly awesome experience. Masai Mara offers more than wildlife and scenery, there are also many traditional Masai villages where you can meet local people and see traditional cultural performances.

The Great Rift Valley - While this spectacular valley stretches from the Middle East to Mozambique, many claim that its most beautiful areas are in Kenya. The steep slopes descend to a rich valley floor dotted with soda lakes. While Lake Turkana in northern Kenya is the largest of the Rift Valle Lakes, the southern lakes of Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Lake Elmenteita, are home to millions of birds including hundreds of thousands of pink flamingos. January and February is the best time for bird-watching as birds migrate to the lakes in large numbers. The areas surrounding the lakes are also home to an abundance of wildlife and national parks.

Mount Kenya - This snow-capped mountain is Africa's second-highest peak standing at 5,117m. The country was actually named after Mount Kenya as it dominates the surrounding landscape. The mountain’s scenery includes hardwood forests on the lower slopes, bamboo forests and moorland further up and rocks and glaciers towards the summit.

Nairobi - This bustling city is often seen simply as the starting point for many wildlife safaris, yet it has so much to offer. As one of the largest cities in Africa, Nairobi has a large central business district, busy market areas, fine restaurants and a lively nightlife. Nairobi’s attractions include:

  • Carnivore Restaurant - A unique restaurant serving meat, meat and more meat from eco-friendly game ranches. From zebra and crocodile to ostrich and hartebeest. All of your favourite cuts of beef lamb and pork are also available. Definitely not for vegetarians.
  • Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage – Located at the Nairobi National Park
    Langata Giraffe Centre - a sanctuary for the rare Rothschilds giraffe where you can hand-feed and pat these graceful creatures.
  • Karen Blixen Museum – Former farmhouse of the famous author of ‘Out of Africa’
  • Nairobi National Park - one of the few places on earth where you can spot rhinos, zebras and other wildlife roaming in the wild with city high rises in the background.

Indian Ocean Beaches

Lamu Archipelago - Located just off the northern coast of Kenya, this archipelago is home to the beautiful islands of Manda, Lamu, Kiwayu and Pate. The World Heritage Listed town of Lamu was founded in the 14th century and is the oldest living town in Kenya. These islands of endless beaches and tiny fishing villages offer fantastic diving and snorkelling. Lamu is a place where there are very few vehicles; instead the donkey and the dhow are the main forms of transport. The Lamu Archipelago is the ideal place to relax on the beach after a safari holiday.

Mombasa - is an area of endless white beaches, coral reefs and an ancient and exotic culture. Historically Mombasa was an important trading hub between Swahili and Arab traders; you can see evidence of this trading past remain in the old town and Fort Jesus. Today, it is the second largest city in Kenya and the country’s premier beach resort. Mombasa’s beaches are scattered with resorts, coral reefs and offshore islands. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities including scuba diving, water sports, deep sea fishing and even game drives in the nearby Shimba Hills Reserve.

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